AlignWomen is a powerful group of entrepreneurial women who support each other personally and professionally. The organization is designed to foster strong connections and create opportunities to generate referrals that result in increased revenue for our businesses.

I set the ambitious goal of tripling my agency revenue in three years. Old-school networking was not working for me or for many women in my circle, so I created an organization built around the mastermind concept. The fifteen members of the first AlignWomen mastermind provide professional services to small and medium sized businesses in Southern California. We are in complimentary industries that include financial services, insurance, payroll, employment law, information technology, human resources, recruiting, organizational development and consulting. We are responsible for driving sales in addition to delivering our services. We are motivated, passionate, and experts in our fields. And we were tired of:

*getting up early to get our hair and makeup done and then fighting traffic for a 7:30am networking meeting…so we meet online monthly via Zoom

*standing up in a meeting to give a 60 second commercial about our services that no one really takes the time to understand, and then crossing our fingers hoping for a referral…so we take the time to develop a deep understanding of each member’s business

*being left out of golf tournaments, luxury suites at sporting events, whiskey tastings and other private events which were’t aligned with our interests…so we design our own events for networking and self-care, like hikes, spa days, book reviews and movie nights

*paying exorbitant annual membership fees plus additional meeting fees and the cost of meals and parking…so our membership fee is minimal

The mastermind is built around a concept I developed called ACTIVE NETWORKING, where we create opportunities to be involved with each other’s businesses on a regular basis to co-learn, co-market, co-present, attend industry events, share best practices, make warm introductions to our clients, strategic partners and referral sources, support each other on social media, uplift each other during our struggles and celebrate our accomplishments.

In addition to the monthly Zoom meetings and the social and self-care events, we have a private Facebook community where we can connect. We also have occasional events where we include other women we value.

Participating in an AlignWomen mastermind group is a 12-month commitment, and members are expected to communicate, participate and be accountable to the group with the highest levels of responsiveness, trustworthiness and confidentiality. Membership fees are collected annually.

I am passionate about building a group of women who bond together and support each other personally and professionally, and I have a vision for this organization on a grand scale. The first mastermind group is closed to new members. I can’t wait to share our successes and create a platform for women across the country who want to build their own mastermind groups. If you are interested in being a part of our AlignWomen community, please reach out to me via email or social media and I will keep you posted on future developments!

AlignWomen – meaningful connections, meaningful referrals, meaningful revenue.