Amazon & Co. Health Care Deal Reactions from Brokers

I was honored to be asked for my input for BenefitsPRO’s recent article on the Amazon health care collaboration. Below is my quote. Click here for the full article.

Benefiting from a Controlled Environment

“I’m very interested to see the improvements that this new company can make in price transparency and delivery. I am hoping the company will also be transparent about the challenges it encounters because our health care system is so complex system.

“I think this move could have an impact on health care, but wouldn’t have an immediate impact on health insurance. With an employee population as big as these combined companies have, they would likely self-insure and use their buying power to negotiate pricing with providers and suppliers. They would also have access to a lot of user data that could be managed with artificial intelligence to potentially drive better and more cost-effective decisions. But they would also be working with a captive audience of employees who would probably be given limited choices for plan design and networks — logical ways to simplify their system and contain costs. That’s a very different environment than the one my employer groups are functioning in right now, and they still need my expertise to help them and their employees manage the complex landscape of carriers, plan designs, networks and regulations.”