Colibri Newsletter – February 1, 2016

Hi, friends! Where did January go? I hope your year started off well. I have had fun connecting with many of you over the last few weeks to share strategies for a productive and profitable 2016.

Blogging for Employee Benefit Adviser

At the end of 2015, the Editor in Chief of Employee Benefit Adviser invited me to blog for her publication, which provides agency management tools and sales strategies to health insurance brokers. I’ve made two posts in 2016, both focused on using social media for agency branding and sales.

January 4 – 5 tips for using social media to build your agency
January 26 – 5 new ways to use social media to build your brokerage

I’m having a lot of fun sharing my ideas, and would love to hear from you with comments and ideas of your own!

4 Ways to Tell Client Why You Are Valuable

The Huffington Post recently ran an article entitled “4 Ways to Tell Clients Why You are Valuable” and it helped me to hone my client communication strategy for 2016.

Here are the four tips:

  1. Ask – request feedback from your clients
  2. Accept what you hear – take criticism seriously
  3. Frame your offerings in terms that matter to your audience – speak their language so they know how your product or service will benefit them
  4. Don’t stop when you think you’ve figured it out – keep adapting and improving

Click here for the full article.

Finally, I am grateful to have acquired three new clients in January – one from a broker friend in Las Vegas whose client just moved his business to Los Angeles; one from my great friend and strategic partner, Jennifer DeSpain; and one from an existing client, whose cousin owns a company and wants to offer health insurance to his employees. Getting referrals, and being able to give referrals to people I trust and care about, is one of the great joys of running my own business.

Thanks for everything you do, and let me know if I can be a resource for you!


Amy Evans