There’s a lot of opportunity: A Q&A with Amy Evans

Originally published in BenefitsPRO on November 5, 2019.

Amy Evans is president of Colibri Insurance Services, a boutique health insurance agency that simplifies benefits for employers so they can cost-effectively attract and retain quality employees.

Paul Wilson: How did you get your start in the benefits industry?

Seventeen years ago, I was with a marketing company that was doing guerrilla marketing using online message boards and chat rooms, when that was what social media looked like. I helped develop that company and, in the process, had to sell the product. When I flew to Atlanta to pitch Coca-Cola and they bought it, I thought, “Huh, maybe sales is actually something I’m good at.”

When I was looking for a new path, I was approached by a recruiter for Aflac. It was a good fit for me at the time, so I entered the benefits world and spent 10 years with them learning about benefits, honing my sales skills and learning that managing a team of people wasn’t my strong suit.

I worked closely with brokers the entire time I was there and knew that was the direction I wanted to go. I knew what it looked from interacting with them at open enrollment meetings and I wanted to learn the technical aspects of the business, so I took a job with a small national full-service brokerage. I spent two and a half years with them, learning the ins and outs, and started my own agency four years ago.

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