Why Employers Can’t Afford Inadequate Benefits

Employee Benefit Adviser published this article on June 19, 2018 about the value employees place on employee benefits. Here are some interesting findings from their survey of 756 employees:

  • At least 66% of workers agree that a strong benefits and perks package is the largest determining factor when considering job offers.
  • 61% [of employees polled] are willing to accept a lower salary if a company offered a better benefits package.
  • Roughly 42% of employees say they are considering leaving their current jobs because their benefits package are inadequate, while 55% have left jobs in the past because they found better benefits or perks elsewhere.
  • While considering a potential employer’s benefits, workers prioritize health insurance by 75%.

As an employee benefits consultant, I am committed to ensuring that my clients have the best possible benefits package to attract and retain quality employees. If there is anything I can be doing for you or your clients, please let me know.